Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Online Indian Devotional Vocal Teachers

Devotional vocal music classes and levels of learning: Online vocal music courses - Devotional vocal online lessons on Skype available with DM Live Core Divya Music school online classes are for all levels of Devotional vocal learning and classifications for the global students. The levels of Devotional vocal learning are:

The famous senior Indian Devotional vocal music gurus teaching Devotional vocal at Divya school of music teach the art and technique of singing traditional Devotional Indian Devotional vocal music form to the vocal music students in a non - competitive, dedicated and disciplined manner following the well-known, age old 'Guru - shishya parampara' (Indian Teacher - disciple system), in a family like sacred atmosphere. 

Devotional music is mostly vocal unlike Hindustani Classical music with mainly the stylistic differences in the basic elements of sruti (the relative musical pitch), swara (the musical sound of a single note), raga (the mode or melodic formula), and tala (the rhythmic cycles) and these styles are all the very important concepts in learning the Devotional music and instrumental music.

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